Continue providing quality products and services to satisfy our customer’s expectation quality safety reliability and service.


• Ensure that the organization is a safe place, and the environment, facilities, equipment and substances are subject to safe systems of work to prevent risks to health or safety.
• Ensure the education, interest and awareness training of new employees safe working methods before the assumption of duty.
• Promote personal responsibility and effort on the part of everyone to avoid and prevent health hazards and injuries to themselves and to others who maybe affected by their acts and to cooperate with the organization to comply with its duties, requirements and statutory obligations.
• Ensure the use of defensive driving techniques by car drivers and machinery operators.
• Ensure that safety is a line management responsibility.
• Display and publicize this statement and review it at least by annually.
• Monitor effectiveness of safety policy.


• Prompt service to our customer and performance assessment at least twice a year.
• To comply with our customer complaints within 24 hours and lessen complaints at least 80%.
• Continue researching and providing high quality products with reasonable price.
• Keep monitoring and checking products before delivery.
• To keep loyal customer at least 95% and increase 50% new customer.